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Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard dive boat.

Custom built to provide superb dive and guest facilities, Spoilsport has a twin-hull design that maximizes stability and passenger comfort in all conditions. Measuring 30m in length, Spoilsport has a dedicated crew of 12 people including the dive team, Master, chef and host.



All Year Around


CarluTravel offer itineraries departing from Hurghada.

The reef at Abu Nuhas is accessible from Hurghada with several wrecks resting at its base. You can also visit the Straits of Gubal and the famous Thistlegorm World War II wreck. Some boat itineraries may also take in the Ras Mohammed National Park where steep coastal cliffs are mirrored underwater with impressive vertical walls, which drop off 70m or more.

The Strait of Tiran has a range of reefs rising out of deep waters where the strong currents and dense plankton attract an impressive range of reef and deep-sea species providing some exceptional drift dives. The Thistlegorm also features on this trip.

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All Year Around


There are many world class dive sites in the southern Red Sea, and Carlutravel offer several itineraries. Fury Shoal is an area where many reefs lie close to each other, some are exposed and some sheltered, many with dramatic sheer walls plunging to over 40m. There are canyons, multiple caves and passages where groupers and morays lurk. The variety of coral is stunning with beautiful brain and fire corals. Schools of fusiliers and anchovies hover above the reefs until suddenly attacked by fast moving tuna whilst Napoleon wrasse cruise majestically by.



All Year Around

Emperor Raja Laut was built in 2005 on the island of Sulawesi by Indonesia's most famous boat builder, Pak Haji, this 31m Dutch schooner-designed sailing vessel is one of a few in Indonesia which can actually sail. With only 12 berths expect to be treated like royalty on board Emperor's King of the Sea. Diving in Indonesia ranges from relaxed to exhilarating. Experience it all in style with the magnificence that is the Emperor Raja Laut.

Emperor Harmoni is currently under construction and launching in 2022. She's our brand new liveaboard built of Sulawesi Ironwood offering a truly new experience to liveaboard holidays. Experience a true sense of sailing the Indonesian seas; freedom, style, comfort and confidence with her two engines. Itineraries include Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda, Flores and Alor.



 February - May

More and more divers are discovering in the Red Sea, an underwater paradise. Most of them choose the Egyptian Red Sea, but there is another Red Sea even more wild, more virgin, totally outside the usual tourist destinations.

A world caught in a time capsule, practically intact, unexplored, retaining the attraction of adventure diving – We are talking about the Sudanese Red Sea.



All Year Around

This is where truly iconic diving awaits you with 26 atolls calling for you to dive right in. Mantas, whale sharks, sharks and the blue of the Indian Ocean are just some of the reasons the Maldives is such a popular diving destination. Your choice is plentiful from Emperor liveaboards to Emperor resort diving.Our six liveaboards consistently attract top-rate guest reviews ranging from the contemporary design of Emperor Explorer to Emperor Atoll, so popular with small groups.

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